lundi 9 mai 2016

celebrities with bad vision

Wearing glasses or contact lenses is the best option to compensate vision loss even for celebrities, but this fact isn’t the same for all people.
Some people feels embarrassment while wearing contact lenses or glasses, they think that this weakness in their vision shouldn’t be showed in public and must be hided or even they choose not to correct their sight and live with this weakness until vision loss becomes sever, it is a kind of phobia towards the others, However, there are celebrities with bad vision and have got millions of fans and they display the fact of wearing glasses or contact lenses to the public with relaxed appearance. Let’s discover some famous people putting on glasses or contact lenses:

Jennifer Garner
She was born on 17 April, 1972, she began her career in 1994, she is an American actress and film producer, she played in different series and films, like:
-Alias which was aired between 2001 &and 2006
-Daredevil in 2003
-Elektra in 2005
-the comedy very bad day in 2014

Cate Blanchett
Known as an actress, she is from Austrilia, she was awarded three global glob and two acting Oscars, she played in numerous films such as:
- Babel in 2006 and
-How to train your dragon 2 in 2014
- Cinderella in 2015

Nicole Kidman
She was born in Australia in 1967, she is considered among the best actress ,she played in wide range of films like:
-Cold Mountain in 2003
-The Interpreter in 2005
-The Paper boy in 2012

Jennifer Aniston
A famous American actress, born in 1969, she played in numerous comedy and romantic films in addition to television sitcom specially Friends between 1994 and 2004.
-The Break up in 2006
-Horrible Bosses in 2011
-Cake in 2014

So don't be ashamed of wearing them and take care of your precious eyes,they are a gift ,a window to the world,specially to our children who will show a reticence towards them in their fist day of use,encourage them by showing  the bright benefit of wearing glasses and contact lenses.