mercredi 2 mars 2016

laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery ,a new technology that will give a new chance to get back your vision.Anyone who looks for eye correction from myopia, hypermetropia or  astigmatism can use Prescription glasses  or Contact lenses methods. Others will undergo a laser eye surgery to get back ,as they reckon ,their whole vision aptitude and get rid of putting on glasses or contact lenses as they deem them as a heavy burden. This can be the best option; however risks can emerge and disturb your mind, your path and even your life.
First of all , a small definition of the goal of the laser eye surgery is needed to enlighten your knowledge before you attempt any further step.
A laser eye surgery known as LASIK is a medical procedure that aims to reshape the cornea of the eye using laser so as to eliminate problems linked to three major problems:
-Myopia (short-sightedness)
Myopia causes a person trouble to see far objects
-Hypermetropia (long-sightedness)
Hypermetropia in the contrary causes trouble to see close object than distant object
Faulty vision linked to a defective curvative of the cornea or lens of the eye resulting in blurred vision
No one can deny the fact that  LASIK i.e. Laser eye surgery  have some benefits:

Surgery benefits

You get rid of the burden of wearing contact lenses or glasses and feel free to practice any hobby or sport without being disturbed by dust, rain or fog or worrying about glasses falling off.
You will forget irritation caused by contact lenses and the care required to maintain them in good condition.
And the best feeling is  when you can see 20/20,without using anything to strengthen your eye vision.
So LASIK could seem to be the best option ;however beyond theses benefits ,risks and complication occurs ,every single operation carries risk and the laser eye surgery is not out of the circle, pay attention not to be carried out by the smile of the doctors or the brightness of the ads .Many patients have confirmed the disadvantages relate to LASIK:

Surgery Risks

The most dangerous risk is the loss of vision, after the operation and completion of the procedure, your may not recover your vision.
Appearance of negative effects like sensitivity to halos, glare  as a result of the treatment that can disturb you deeply while driving, or infection of the eyes due to the surgery procedure but this infection can be treated using antibiotics..
Dry eyes reported by many patients after surgery  but can be treated
Even after the surgery some people don’t get optimum vision and they still require to wear glasses or contact lenses to improve their vision
Some people who have laser eye surgery will still need to wear glasses or contact lenses to achieve optimum vision, although their natural eyesight should be much improved.
Before you go through laser eyes surgery talk to your doctor and be aware of all the risks that could affect your eyes.
Your eyes are a gift so take care of them and try to know everything about your eyes before you attempt to go though any operation that could affect your vision aptitude ,so be aware