samedi 12 mars 2016

Contact lenses

Today the design of the eye can be deemed as a way of communication that can replace gesture ,words and even smile.If you want to attract attention to express your feeling,you can choose to put on contact lenses that give you the opportunity to act freely without paying attention to the rain ,for or dust which could disturb your daily activities.
Placed in the center of the cornea,contact lenses give you a wide field of vision and can strengthen your visual aptitude.

Today large number of contact lenses colors are available,if you want to add a fun or dramatic feeling to your personality try to use black contact lenses   and if you are crazy about seeing manga like Naruto Shippuden you will be surprised to know that special sharingan contact lenses exist  and are fashionable and attractive,.Other colored contact lenses can be used and each color have a meaning for you.
Another type of contact lenses are available and named scleral contact lenses because they cover the whole white portion of the eye and they improve the quality of your vision.

The scleral contact lenses are bigger than the normal contact lenses named corneal contact lenses
Before putting on any kind of contact lenses you have to follow different steps , a visit to your ophthalmologist is necessary to avoid any negligence or medical effect,remember that you are adding a foreign body so take care of it by cleaning it ,you can feel irritation and allergic feeling in the first time of use.
Pay attention not use contact lenses while sleeping because they can damage you cornea and that is because there are special ones for night usage .of course you have to test them and if irritation persists you have to visit your professional eye care who   will give you advise if contact lenses usage.

Your eye is a gift and contact lenses are jewelry  and if you combine them efficiently you will feel power in your eye.
Enjoy the beauty of black contact lenses: