lundi 9 mai 2016

All about eyes to prevent vision problems

Eye exercises help you to gain healthy vision and avoid itchy infections through different ways like contact lenses or other paths ,and he best way is to know how your eyes function.
Every single part in our body has a vital role,the eye can be deemed among the most sensible,complicated muscle in our body,we don’t care about it unless we feel its weakness at that moment our vision aptitude decrease and began to look for other ways to adjust the ability of our eyes,at that moment we recognize its real mission and its importance .But don’t worry ,science is here to help us develop our vision.

You can choose to put on glasses ,contact lenses or to go through a laser eye surgery .

If you want to add a new touch to 
your personality or a
new color to your eyes that reflect your mood you can wear contact lenses ,you can find awesome ones with different colors you may feel irritation but don’t panic it is normal because you are putting on a strange element to your body.
Classical glasses are the most popular in usage because they are easy to wear ,you can choose any color you want,you will not bother yourself about taking care of them like you can do with contact lenses  but you will be disturbed by fog,dust and rain ,thus you can practice any activity freely specially sport.

 If you consider contact lenses and glasses as a heavy weight so try to attempt a  step towards a surgery  called LASIK ,the laser eye surgery as its name shows  uses laser to reshape your cornea ,it is not a one hundred percent perfect  operation ,your doctor should warn you about the risks inherent to this  surgery ,most patients still wear glasses or contact lenses to adjust their vision  but not as the same rate as before ,they have gained better vision thanks to the  surgery .However this operation is really risky ,you can lose your vision or get  it worse you can feel your eyes dry ,irritation and other complication.

Remember  if you are a glasses or contact lenses wearer or even have a good vision ,you must take care of your eyes,some exercises are available like BLINKING or FIGURES MOVEMENTS and others and help you improve your vision or maintain it and could relieve eye strain .

Remember that your eye is composed of muscles so practice eye exercises to reinforce them.