samedi 5 mars 2016

Itchy eyes

Eye allergy is a disturbing illness ,you must know how to protect your eyes because  the eye is deemed among the important organs in our body owing to the fact that it enables us to see the outside world objects by processing the light they reflect or emit. Unfortunately by facing some harmful substance the cells  will react to protect our precious eye for any coming damage and this normal reaction will cause some allergic situation that can bother your mood and disturb your immune system and your daily activities, that is why you must know the substances that can cause allergy and if there is any treatment to face them.

The most important causes of eye allergy
In the most case the eyes allergy is related with family history, in another word a hereditary case
When you have an allergic reaction of the eye some symptoms  can appear like red eyes, burning itchy , and red eyes
We can divide the causes to two sources of allergens (substance that cause allergy);
indoors allergen
Indoor allergens : dander from some animal like dogs and cats,
dust, application of some cream and cosmetic that can harm deeply
your eyes if you don’t consult a doctor before attempting to put them.

outdoors allergensOutdoor allergens: air pollution ,smoke,related to seasonality like pollen,
that is why you find some people in  spring season    sneezing and rubbing their
eyes because of the existence of pollen in plants and the contact between pollen
and the eyes or nose can cause allergy.
Eye allergy just like   hay fever that has symptoms similar to a cold with sneezing, eye rubbing and in some circumstance the symptoms may be sever and the people that are allergic to pollen can’t do their daily activity freely and will be annoyed  by one activity which is rubbing their eyes due to irritation of the eye.
In order to get rid of this allergy many people tend to avoid any contact with any source of pollen outside home.
Washing your eyes with tap water will help eliminate pollen in case of exposure.
Some treatments are available and can help you relieve inflammation due to the exposure to indoors and outdoors allergens
In case you have dry eye try to use artificial tears to face allergens and wash your eyes but keep in mind that consulting a doctor or an allergist is the best option if you have an eye allergy