samedi 30 avril 2016

Eye nutrition

When you were a child you heard that carrots have a positive effect on your eyes and that’s true ,in addition there are other ailments and their nutrient that keep your eyes safe and protect them from different illnesses like cataract causing blurred  vision or macular degeneration the most important cause of vision loss;
Different vitamins contribute to gain healthy eyes and prevent disease that can affect your vision, and must be included in your list of food respecting the recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) issued by Institute of Medicine (National Academy of Sciences).                                                
                 The most important vitamins:

Vitamin C: the most important source of this vitamin can be found in different aliments like carrots, strawberries, oranges. This type of vitamin has the ability to prevent cataract and macular degeneration disease

Vitamin E: if combined with vitamin C it can play a vital role in preventing macular degeneration; it can be found in Almond, Hazelnuts or sunflower seeds

Vitamin A: this vitamin can prevent dry eyes and exists in multiple foods as eggs, milk, beef ,carrots,milk and others

Vitamin D: Vitamin D has the ability to reduce macular degeneration risk; it can be found in multiple aliments such as fish, milk, cheese, egg and other sources.

Zinc: combined with vitamin A it helps to reduce the risk of vision loss at night, the main sources are Oysters, Beef, and Lobster.

Remember that an equilibred diet constitutes the best way to gain healthy vision and preserve your eye's strength, so take care of your eyes