mercredi 2 mars 2016

The human eye

The eye is deemed among the most important organ in our body and is qualified as a vision organ that collects lights from surrounding environment and through a deep complex process those lights are converted into image and then into electro- chemical impulses in neurons,thanks to this organ we can see our life in another wonderful level,we can discover the real life ,plenty of beautiful scenes,our eyes give us the opportunity to differentiate shapes,colors,places,to move freely and practice any activity we want.

If you are able to wake up every morning and open your eyes and let the light enter to them so you can see and enjoy life,in this case you should thank God for this gift because there are people who are blind and need always a hand to guide them through their life in house and outside home.
It is a precious organ and and you need to know how to take care of it,how to avoid threats than can affect it ,how to maintain your vision in good health.

Who can deny that the most remarkable and beautiful scene is when you were a baby and you
managed hardly to open your eyes and saw for the first time the face of your mum and  her smile ,that souvenir reminds us how we are really grateful to our eyes,So take take care it in order to see beautiful things in our life.