samedi 12 mars 2016

How To Use Contact Lenses

Using  contact lenses requires a prescription by an eye care professional even if the eyesight aptitude doesn’t need a correction.
When you successfully get black lenses ,and you will be deeply happy to have them,pay attention to use them efficiently:use contact lenses
Step 1: wash your hands with a soap and dry them with a towel
Step 2:rinse your lenses carefully to get rid of any residue that could disturb you while trying to put them  in your eyes.
Step 3:user the tip of your finger to manipulate them so as not to damage the quality of your lenses and not to harm your eyes.
Step 4 : take the right lens to put in the right eye and the left lens in the left eye.
Step 5 :place with a gentle and clam movement the lenses in the center of your iris.
Step 6 : to check if the lenses are well placed , blink your eyes and if any discomfort or irritation  is noticed ,don’t panic and take them off gently and contact your  ophthalmologist so as to avoid any trouble associated with contact lenses  .

Your black contact  lenses will be a part of your body,so take care of them and you will feel perfectly fine.

 Remember that contact lens prescriptions do expire so you must ensure a yearly visit to your eye care professional to check the efficiency of your lenses.
-Obviously when you have bought contact lenses you have to test them and give the results to your ophthalmologist so as to decide to keep them or not
-Every single lens has its own container so don’t forget to clean them and change them in order to avoid contamination of lenses.
-Pay attention not to sleep with your contact lenses because you can damage your eyes and cornea owing to the fact that there are special ones to use while sleeping.
-Contact lenses have their own deadline and you have to change them so as to have a maximum profit
You might want to protect your eyes first and foremost,and any kind of contact lenses must be suitable to your own eyes and don’t underestimate their ability to reinforce your eye aptitude and to replace simple glasses that seem to be heavy and irritating in some cases