dimanche 3 avril 2016

Pink eye  also known as conjunctivitis is considered one of the most common illnesses that can touch adults and children and has the ability to spread easily .
This illness causes an inflammation of the conjunctive which is the tissue that lines and the white portion of the eye ball

The pinkeye is mainly caused by:

Bacteria, virus, allergens (see itchy eye) or smoke that irritates the eye and engenders its redness.

What are the more noticeable pink eye symptoms?

-Redness and swelling of the white portion of the eye and the eye lids
-Feeling of irritation in the eyelids;
-Mass of tears and of the eye;
 -Sensitive feeling to sunlight.

How can we immune our system from pinkeye?

If the pink eye is caused mainly by bacteria or virus, it can easily spread and affect other people ,thus the person affected should consult a healthcare provider and stay at home till improvement of situation .
In the other case when pink eye is caused by allergens in the most cases is not contagious, but if not cured it can move to another stage and the person could be affected by virus or bacteria.

Many steps should he followed to void spreading of pink eye:

-Disinfect your hand by washing them;
-Avoid the contact of infected people;
-Don’t share things that could transmit the illness like make up, brushes or contact lenses;
In general, healthy hygienic practices help you to avoid such illness and keep your precious eyes out of danger.

                                              Pink eyes in babies:

If you notice pink eye in newborn baby should immediately consult a healthcare provider because this illness can be caused by an infection, irritation of the eye or even a transmitted sexual infection.

A quick visit to your pediatrician is the best option to make an overall situation of your baby health and avoid any other troubles.