jeudi 3 mars 2016

Eye exercises

Eye exercises available for your precious eyes

Any organ in your body that contains muscles needs training to strengthen it, so is the eye that constitutes the backbone of all your activities, movements .Different kinds of exercises are available  to relive eye strain while seeing TV or working on computer screen  and to refresh your eyes and to help you focus  efficiently  on your daily activity.

The fact of using your eyes 8 hours non stop can harm your eyes and the only way to avoid that problem is to devote some time to practice these exercises even if you are really busy , that’s your eyes we are talking about, you have to take care of it.

The first exercise requires that you sit in a comfortable position.try to fix your eyes; and practice blinking which means to close and open your eyes as much as you can during two minutes, this exercise helps you refresh your eyes, it’s simple as it seems but really efficient so try to make it between two hours of work
The second exercise is zooming, it can be practiced any time in a day, for almost 50 minutes, and how it works?
Put your finger or any object in front of your eyes far about 2 inches ,focus on it for 30 seconds then outstretch your hand and focus on your finger for 30 seconds then switch between  the position near and far during 5 minutes.

The third exercise aims to follows the path of different figures ; this exercise helps to stretch your eyes and to remove eye strain.

This is an eye training video:   look into this video an try to follow the ball with your eyes                                                                                             

The forth exercises consist of two targets, far and close,
-focus on your thumb that is far about 2 inches from your eyes then change the target to something far  for almost 10 feet, then switch between these two targets. Do this exercise for 5 minutes.

Don't forget that contact lenses are also efficient in the sense that they can strengthen your visual performance  because they are placed in the center of the cornea,besides there are a wide range of colors that add fashion to your look and attract attention so enjoy them.

I hope that these exercises help you to improve your visual sight and to focus efficiently on your daily activity without feeling your eyes tired but instead fresh and ready to be used at any time, and remember your yes is a gift so take care of it.