samedi 12 mars 2016

why to use contact lenses

Why to use contact lenses,is it considered as the best option if we compare it with other option like glasses or lasik.The majority of lenses wearer is considering contact lenses as the best and profitable solution to reinforce their visual aptitude putting aside classic glasses and deeming them as a second option.
Why using contact lenses technology?
Many people who used to wear glasses and changed them to contact lenses acknowledged the fact that they have got rid of a heavy burden and discovers the huge difference between them,
They can do any activity without being embarrassed or annoyed by the fog mud or rain, so by using them you can practice sport freely and enjoy life.
They add fashionable and a new look that attract everybody’s attention and appreciation and enables you to use your eyes as a way of communication thanks to the wide range of choice of  contact lenses colors.
The structure of the lenses is adequate to strengthen you eye aptitude due to the fact that they provide a wider field of vision that’s why they are placed straight on the cornea of the eye.
But pay attention some problems may occur while using contact lenses in inappropriate manner
Before you put on any kind of contact lenses you have to see a professional eye care so you can avoid any medical problem and follow a regular check and it’s recommended to do an annual one
The most important factor in using contact lenses is hygiene, you must clean them properly, in some cases you can feel irritation of the cornea or the eye and its normal remember that you are putting a foreign body and it’s a normal reaction of your eyes that generate allergic reaction,
Theses information are important for both corneal contact lenses and scleral contact lenses.
There are lenses which can be held the whole day and others not and if the latter are held too long they can damage your eye caused by insufficient addition if they are not well placed they can harm your cornea
If you manage to avoid theses negligence and maintain an annual checks with your ophthalmologist be sure contact lenses are the best option and you can enjoy them and profit from the amazing contact lenses that are available,.  black contact lenses, sharingan contact lenses or colored contact lenses.,